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REVIEW:VETRA Focus Socks Black Size 8-12 US

Immediately after removing the product from the packaging it was evident that the product was made of high quality material that was fit for purpose and was different to your 'Classic' football sock.

The socks are made of 92% Nylon, 6% Polyester and 2% Elastane and this property along with their design allows them to offer beneficial advantages to the user.

They have the 'DRY-FAST' and the 'Toe Cooling Channel' which allows clean air to penetrate the sock and separates the sweat from the skin, the 'Flat Knit' for improved feel and comfort, and a 'Compression Zone' for increased stability for both the arch and foot.

They were very comfortable to wear whilst I was playing football indoors for an hour and despite me sweating profusely by the end they remained comfortable and there was less evidence of sweat on my feet and legs than usual.

I did not experience any skin related problems as a result of wearing the socks and overall they performed very well indeed and better than most of the football socks that I own.

The single small VETRA logo in front is actually handy for aligning the socks correctly as you're pulling them on.

I have washed these a few times and they come out of the machine almost dry, just need to be finished off on an airer and they are ready to go again. So far they are looking and performing as new. T

hey haven't pilled, shrunk, stretched or become misshapen.

All in all a great part of socks for football/soccer or jogging/running.

Well priced for the quality.

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