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REVIEW:Vetra Water Bottle 650 ML Squeeze

This product is a specialised sports water bottle that has been designed to provide a quick supply of fluid to users who are performing a wide range of different exercises.

The bottle is made of a relatively thin and BPA plastic material that's transparent with a relatively simple yet appealing design. It holds a fluid capacity of approx 650ml and has a black removable cap with an unique mouth piece for allowing the passage of water when squeezed.

Although this product might seem just like a standard sports bottle at first, if you have used several of these before then you will find that this product has 3 designs that makes it unique and makes it a much better product than its rivals.

I have recently become a gym rat.. I have a huge assortment of water bottles. Some are easier to use than others. I usually grab one of my camelbacs, but this one will give me some options. I like that there is no spout to lift up to use. I saw on the news a story about picking up infections at the gym and they said handling the spout could be a source in the gym. This bottle would eliminate that problem

Firstly most bottles do not allow you to visibly see the fluid volume inside, the transparent nature of this product does. Secondly most bottles are BPA which means that they are made of plastic material that could potentially leak plastic into the surrounding liquid. This product is BPA free. Thirdly most bottles have a mouth piece design that when fully closed does not allow you to open the cap and drink the fluid very easily whilst you are exercising if you open and close it each time you use it. This product has a self sealing jet valve which means that it stays open at all times and you can tip it upside down without any fluid leaking out (verified).

Verdict: Very Good Sports Water Bottle With An Unique Design

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