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REVIEW:VETRA Soft Touch Volleyball

The Vetra Volleyball Soft Touch Volley Ball Official Size 5 Yellow /Blue/ White or Green/Blue/White Outdoor Indoor Beach Gym Game Ball will fit your needs just fine.

The volleyball feels like leather but it is actually PVC (it would have fooled me).

The ball is very colorful - yellow, blue and white. So it looks good. It comes deflated but is easy enough to inflate. It does not come with an inflation needle, but accepts a standard needle.

This ball is softer on your hands than the cheap ball that had come with my volleyball net set. It seems to have a tiny bit more padding so it feels much better on your hands when you hit it.

We liked playing with this ball and I am pretty sure this is one of the best volleyballs that I have ever played with. The colors make it easier to see than a plain white ball.

The extra padding is great too because normally after several games of volleyball my hands and my forearms will be sore and sometimes even red. It's not as bad with this ball because it's much softer. I would highly recommend this volleyball because it's good quality and a good price. You can find volleyballs for about the same price but the majority of them are harder and don't have the extra cushion that this one has.

The volleyball is good for use indoor in the gym or outdoor on the beach. I've been using it for a few weeks and it has held up well and so far has not lost any air pressure. All inflatable balls will tend to lose air over time, and I am always concerned about how rapidly they lose air. This one is holding up better than average.

Vetra seems to make/sell high quality products and this one is keeping up with their standards.

A very colorful volleyball, well made and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Will provide many hours of playing time.

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